The Waterfall Alliance - Certified Waterfall Slave (CWS) Program


The Waterfall Alliance "Certified Waterfall Slave" certification program allows software development professionals to evaluate their skills according to the Waterfall Body of Knowledge (WBOK). As all certified positions, an exam has been created to make sure that the applicant reaches the highest standards of technical excellence. There is only one question. Does "OMG" mean:
a) "Object Management Group": a leader in acronym creation for the software development world
b) "Oh My God!": what your boss says when he sees the price of the software development training course you would like to attend.
c) All of the above
d) Obi-wan Kenobi

If you think that you have a correct answer, congratulations, you are now a Certified Waterfall Slave. You can use liberally the badge below and promote the Waterfall Alliance. If people don't believe you are a CWS, say something like "Our SCAMPI LA make us leave RUP and adopt IEEE 1074-2006 to reach CMMI Level 4". After this, they should believe you are a true CWS.

If you think that you have a wrong answer, just buy a beer to all the colleagues in your office and start the exam again. You see that failure is not that bad.